Don't put yourself and your accountant in a bind. Ask about our Oct-Dec Monthly Monitoring Service

It happens every year in March when business tax returns are due to the IRS. Every year we wait until after w-2s are issued and then attempt to perform our business year-end closeouts. If you have a regular accountant they have already filed an extension for you. Still in all, you rush to get your business information finalized for the previous year. The anxiety and anticipation continues...the urgency of getting your "books" to your accountant lingers. OR...perhaps you are the type who gives your account the books and pays them to clean up your books....don't think its free..

Clarkson & Clarkson's Clean-Up begins almost immediately upon sign-up. We clean and close your books as of the current month you engage us. Engaging C & C in September along with adding our year-end service, gives you three months of monthly account monitoring and reconciliation in addition to your year-end close-out information after running of W-2s. Thus you are able to get your tax information earlier in the tax filing year.


Don't Put Your Accountant in a Bind

Schedule our QuickBooks clean-up service based in Brunswick, ME and servicing the entire state

It's that time of year again - tax season. You might wait until your W-2 is issued before attempting to perform your year-end closeouts. Maybe you have a regular accountant who's already filed an extension for you. Or maybe you're the type of person who pays an accountant to clean up your books. While this might streamline the filing process, tax season is still stressful- and certainly not free.

That's where Clarkson & Clarkson, Inc comes in. When you choose our QuickBooks clean-up service, we get to work immediately. You can count on us to clean and close your books in the same month that you register with us.

Don't let taxes stress you out. If you live in Brunswick, ME, take advantage of our comprehensive QuickBooks clean-up service for expert support.

File your taxes with confidence

When you request our clean-up service, be sure to ask about our October to December monthly monitoring. By signing on now, and adding our year-end service, you’ll have two months of regular account monitoring and reconciliation to gather your tax information for the upcoming filing year.

Our staff will also:

  • Reduce your filing stress
  • Check your books for accuracy
  • Prepare your financial statements for filing your taxes

Avoid putting off taxes until the filing deadline. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.