Accounting Services

Keep Your Books Organized and Accurate

We offer full accounting services in based Brunswick, ME but servicing the entire state

You work hard to keep your small business functioning properly, but keeping up with the accounting can be a challenge. You need a business partner who can oversee your books with you.

If you're located in Maine, turn to Clarkson & Clarkson, Inc for assistance. We offer comprehensive accounting services, accounting clean-up, and taxes to clean up your books and keep them organized for future reference.

Ensure that your books are up to date by scheduling an accounting appointment today.

Accounting support whenever you need it most

You can request our services to troubleshoot your QuickBooks Accounting software. Regardless of your accounting project, you can trust that we’ll meet your needs with expert guidance and impressive results.

Our accounting services include:

  • Monthly maintenance
  • General bookkeeping
  • Nonprofit accounting
  • QuickBooks set-up
  • Payroll accounting
  • Payroll processing
  • Account integration

Be confident that your small business runs smoothly and efficiently by making us your trusted business partner. Reach out for more information on our full services.

Accounting Services

Clarkson & Clarkson , Inc., is excited to bring these QuickBooks and Sage Accounting Services to small businesses which are the backbone to our economy. Listed below is a brief about some of the most requested services we offer.

Monthly Maintenance of Financials

For clients who already have QuickBooks or Sage Accounting Software, we provide monthly accounting services ensuring proper classification and categorization of transactions. We perform bank reconciliations and month end closings. Production of Financial Statements is the end result. This is one of our most popular services. This program includes our Advisory Service.

No one should know more about your business than you do.

Bookkeeping Services

This service involves the daily or weekly recording of business transactions into your QuickBooks or Sage Accounting Software. With this service you can be assured your transactions are properly classified and properly categorized. For QuickBooks, bank feeds are downloaded and properly recorded into the bank register. No more "uncategorized" transaction. Different rates apply according to frequency (daily vs weekly).

Non-Profit Accounting

Non-Profit organizations can make financial profit from their effort. The profit should be utilized to put back into their programs and to expand upon developing their mission statements. Clarkson & Clarkson, Inc., will work with these organizations to perform their unique system of accounting around fund balances and inter program transfers. In addition, Clarkson & Clarkson, Inc., can assist with Grant & Contract Accounting. This is a specialized form of accounting often corralled by government reporting restrictions.

QuickBooks Set-Up

Which QuickBooks program do I need? What is a Chart of Accounts and how do I set it up? What is a bank feed? These and more questions people have about QuickBooks, but Clarkson & Clarkson, Inc., will help you choose the correct software for your business, then set up the software for you and explain how to operate the software for your own understanding. Contact us and leave a message, we will certainly get back to you by the end of the very next next business day.

Other Services

Contact us for our other popular services such as:Payroll Accounting. Payroll Processing, Certified Payroll Processing and Reporting; QuickBooks account Integration; and more.